How I Survived an MRI

     This whole thing started with a routine check of my hip replacements. I mentioned some soreness and stiffness and we were off to make an MRI appointment. Which was slightly complicated by the fact that I needed an MRI of each hip. They do not do those at the same time. You must [...]

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Author Feature ~ Clinton Couzzins

IT'S FALL! Well, not quite, but the kids are going back to school and I am hearing a lot about pumpkin spice these days. To celebrate the new school year, I would like to do an author feature that is dear to my heart. Clinton Couzzins was the Vice President of his class at Lansing [...]

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He Reigns!

Happy Summer friends!  I have been thinking a lot about you and how I would like to approach our friendship through this blog.  I am an author, so do I want to make this a blog about books?  I am a SAHM, so do I want to make this blog about parenting?  I am a [...]

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