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Do you want to have some fun?  We just finished Superhero Training Academy at our church’s Vacation Bible School and I have a couple of kid tested, fun games for you!  You will need a little help from your parents to get started.

The first one is:

Superhero Rescue Melt!:

Equipment- 2 Superhero action figures, 2 ice cream buckets (or milk jugs) 1 syringe for each player (we used clean oral medicine syringes, but a small squirt toy for each player works too), 2 bins of  warm (not hot!!!)  water.

Set Up-  Dig in the toy box for 2 small action figures 4 inches ish.  (If you don’t have any, your parents should be able to help you find them at yard sales!)  Then you will need your parents help to freeze them in a block of ice.  I used ice cream buckets, but you could also use gallon milk jugs with the tops cut off.  Using a ruler or other such item, hang the action figure by a string from the ruler which is placed cross ways on top of the bucket.  If the action figure floats, use a small weight tied to his ankle (I used a screw nut tied to Spiderman’s ankle).  All this will keep the figure in the very center of the ice.  Then wait…  It took me two days for the water to freeze solid!


The ground will get pretty wet from this activity, so you will need to take it outside!  Remove the ice blocks from the buckets (run warm water on the bucket if necessary).  Then place the frozen block(s) on the ground with a bin of warm water about 6 feet  from the ice.  Just far enough that you have to run back and forth to refill!

Play- Is a lot more fun with teams!  But my two boys had fun by themselves.  Each child/team races to suck up the secret solution (warm water) and pump/spray it onto the Frozen Superhero. The 1st team/child to free the frozen Superhero completely wins.

This game reminded me of a scripture:  Don’t be afraid. Stand firm. You will see how the LORD will save you today.   Exodus 14:13

The next game is:

Laser Maze:

Equipment- yarn (we used red to look like laser beams) or string, & jingle bells (optional)

Set Up- We set up under an awning type tent with lots of poles, but you can use trees, play structures or a fence.  String red yarn in a criss cross pattern.

Attach bells to each line.

IMG_0138Play- Your arch enemy has captured you & placed you in a laser room with no way out.  UNLESS… you can climb through the laser maze without touching any of  the laser beams!

Encourage all superheros to be very quiet.  You don’t want to wake the arch enemy or you may find an even worse fate!  (Plus, you need to hear the jingle bell if anyone touches a laser beam.)

1 at a time, alternating teams must send a Superhero through the laser beams to the other side.  The team that gets the most heroes through without touching any laser beams wins.

Repeat, just for fun!

Following Jesus is not always easy, but he does keep us safe if we obey him!  Here is our laser maze verse:

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never die.   John 10:27 & 28

Have a great summer, kids!  Always remember to let Jesus reign in your life!


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