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REINS OF LOVE is book one in the He Reigns series.  If you love Jesus & horses, you will love this book!  Here is a sneak peek at chapter one!  Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!  And as always, remember He Reigns!




Chapter One
Hands to Work
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your
Ecclesiastes 9:10a (niv)
The house felt so empty. The movers had taken most of
Beth’s things from her bedroom, leaving only a small
box and her sleeping bag. Taking a hairbrush from the
box, Beth smoothed the blond curls away from her face
and put the brush back into the box. Then she rolled her
sleeping bag and stretched the bands around it to hold it
into place. Moving to the country would be a big change
from the city life she was used to. She checked the box
again to make sure she hadn’t left anything important
behind. The address book Mom had bought and filled
in with the names and numbers of all her friends was
tucked safely between her Bible and her pajamas.
She could hear the moving men working to pack
what remained in the small apartment. It would be nice
to have a bigger house. But what Beth and her twin
brother Ben had looked forward to the most was the
barn. Dad had said the barn was even bigger than the
house! What adventures they would have.
Ben had been up for an hour already when Beth came
to the table for breakfast. Being a twin had its advantages,
two birthday cakes, a built-in playmate, and help with
homework, but lately, Ben had been annoyed with Beth.
First, Beth had insisted on the bigger bedroom at the
new house, and Mom and Dad had given in to her. Then
she begged and begged for a horse of her own, and Dad
was actually thinking about it! Beth gets a horse and I get
nothing. Didn’t they know that he liked horses too?
“But, Ben,” Mother had reasoned, “You never told
us you were interested in horses. We just don’t have the
money for two horses. What about a dog?”
“A dog,” Ben argued, “she gets a horse and I get a
stupid mutt? It isn’t fair!”
A loud honk interrupted Ben’s thoughts.
“We’re going to the new house, Ben, come on,” Beth
yelled excitedly as she flew through the kitchen.
In front of the apartment was a small caravan. With
the family car in the lead, followed by the moving van,
then Uncle Ken in his pickup, and Dad on his motorcycle,
it looked a bit like a parade. Mom and Dad were standing
by the car waiting for Ben. Beth was already belted in
the front seat. Ben was in such a bad mood, he didn’t
even feel like arguing for the best seat. At least, this way,
he would have the whole backseat to himself.
“Ben,” Dad called, “let’s go! God’s country awaits!”
Dad was so excited about moving. He called the new
town God’s country. Ben wondered if God even knew
where Lander, Wyoming, was. But he climbed into the
backseat and got comfortable anyway. If we have to move,
we may as well get it over with, he thought.
Mom got in the driver’s seat while Dad was giving
last-minute directions. “We’ll stop at noon for lunch,
and then we’ll be in Lander by 2 o’clock. God’s country!
Just think, honey, our dream house! God is so good.”
“I can’t stop praising him, Big Ben. It’s almost too
good to be true.” Mom was always calling Dad Big Ben.
Ben was named after his dad and this was Mom’s way of
keeping things straight.
The trip was long and Beth had so much to talk
about. “Can we sleep in the barn sometimes, Mom?”
Beth asked. “As soon as we get there, I’m going to clean
the barn and get it ready for my horse. I want a horse, not
a pony, Mom, don’t forget, and a white mane and tail!”
Beth didn’t really know much about horses except that
they were the most beautiful animals she had ever seen.
“What about you, Ben?” Mom asked. “What are you
going to do first when we get there?”
“I dunno.”
“What’s the matter, Ben? I thought you were excited
about the new house in Lander,” Ben’s mother asked.
“He’s jealous,” Beth interrupted.
“Leave me alone,” Ben yelled at Beth. “It’s none of
your business.”
“Elizabeth Jane,” Mother said sharply, using
Beth’s full name. “You may not interrupt. Ben, tell me,
what’s wrong?”
All of the bad things that Ben had been feeling
seemed to all come out at once. “It’s not fair,” Bens face
felt hot. “Why does Beth get everything?”
“Ben,” Mom’s voice sounded soothing, “remember to
stay calm. We can talk about this. What do you mean
Beth gets everything?”
Ben wiped at his face and tried to sound calm. “She
gets the big bedroom, and you’re getting her a horse!”
“Let me see if I understand,” Mom continued sweetly.
“So you’re saying that you wanted the big bedroom and
you want a horse. Even though you have had the big
bedroom in the apartment all these years while Beth was
in that tiny room with no closet. We could fit both of
your old bedrooms into either one of the new bedrooms.
I just thought it would be fair if Beth got the biggest
room this time.”
Ben knew he was being selfish. Mom was right;
Beth’s room had been so tiny in the apartment that she
couldn’t even keep all her belongings in there. She’d had
a small corner in the living room for her things. But Ben’s
hurt just wouldn’t go away. “Well, what about the horse?”
he cried, rubbing his head. Ben couldn’t help rubbing his
head when he felt this way. “She doesn’t know anything
about horses.”
“Ben, do you remember your memory verse
from Sunday?”
“I guess so,” Ben mumbled.
“Please, say it for me, Ben,” Mother asked.
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your
might,”1 he quoted.
“I think, Ben, if you spend your time finding
something to do for the Lord with your hands, you
might just find that your anger will disappear. You see,
when we do the things God has for us to do, it opens up
the way for him to take care of all our needs. It keeps
our focus on him instead of on ourselves. And as for
the horse, Daddy only said he would think about it. We
want both of our children to be happy.”
Ben spent the remainder of the ride in silence. He
knew in his heart that everything his mother had said
was true, he just didn’t feel like talking anymore.
Beth didn’t know what to say either. She and Ben
used to be so close, best friends even, and now, everything
seemed to be going wrong between them. She hadn’t
even thought about Ben when she was begging for the
bigger bedroom. She knew she had been selfish, but she
wanted that room so bad. It was in the back of the house
facing the barn where she could watch her new horse
from her window. She decided that if she did get the
horse she wanted, she would let Ben ride whenever he
wanted as long as he didn’t want to ride while she was
riding, of course.
The moving caravan rolled to a stop. Uncle Ken and
Daddy were pointing down the road and talking. Beth
rolled down the window to let in a breeze. She could
hear the driver of the moving van cracking his knuckles
as he stretched. Dad was approaching the car. “What’s
the plan, Big Ben?” Mother asked.
“Well, I know you and the kids are hungry, so I’m
sending Kenny and the moving van ahead. We can get
these kids some lunch and follow after that. We’re still
making good time.”
The moving van and Uncle Ken’s pickup truck pulled
away. Then Dad pulled the motorcycle into the parking
space beside the car.
The restaurant was crowded with hungry locals
and tourists. Mom ordered the same thing she always
ordered, a BLT on whole wheat with a side of coleslaw.
Dad on the other hand was always trying something
new. This time, it was something Beth couldn’t even
pronounce, and it looked something like pasta but
smelled like stinky feet. Ben and Beth both ate burgers
and fries. Ben’s burger with extra catsup and Beth’s with
no mustard and just a dash of pepper.
“Okay, team,” Dad said between bites. “I know we’re
excited about the move, but we are all going to have to
pitch in to get settled. When we get to God’s country,
Mom and I will head on into the house with the movers
and get started unloading. I want the two of you to head
out to the barn and clean up an area that we can use for
storage. When you are finished come into the house and
let us know, okay?”
“Okay, Dad,” Beth answered.
“Dad,” Ben rubbed his head thoughtfully, “we were
talking about our memory verse in the car on the way
over here, you know, ‘Whatever your hand finds to
do, do it with all your might.’2 I was thinking…,” Ben
paused for a moment, “I was thinking, if I clean that area
in the barn and do a really good job is that what that
verse means?”
“Wow, Ben,” Dad smiled big. “It sounds like the
Holy Spirit has been working on your heart. That’s
exactly right, son. When you obey like that, God can
bless you in ways you would never imagine.”
Back on the road, Beth noticed the high-rise buildings
turning into subdivisions, then quiet neighborhoods,
and finally fields of corn or wheat or cattle. Dad was
right, it did look like God’s country. Beth couldn’t wait to
get to the new house, but the gentle rocking of the car
and the beautiful scenery rolling by began to take its toll,
and before long, Beth was sleeping. The next thing she
knew, Ben was shouting, “We’re here, we’re here!”
The new house seemed to say “Welcome” and “Come
on in” with its porch that ran across the entire front of the
house. The movers and Uncle Ken were busy unloading
the moving van. They were almost finished by the time
the twins got out of the car.
“Can we go to the barn now, Mom?” they asked in
unison. Mom smiled and waved them on. Ben reached
the barn first with Beth close behind. The barn door was
large and heavy, and it creaked loudly when Ben tugged
it open. It took a moment for Beth to adjust her eyes
to the dimmer light. What area had Dad wanted them to clean?
“Look, Beth, a red bow,” Ben spied it on a gate at
the other end of the barn. “There’s a note too…it’s to us!”



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