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Happy Summer friends!  I have been thinking a lot about you and how I would like to approach our friendship through this blog.  I am an author, so do I want to make this a blog about books?  I am a SAHM, so do I want to make this blog about parenting?  I am a children’s minister, so do I want this blog to be about ministry?  As a christian, I know I want this blog to be about Jesus, but is there a certain aspect I want to focus on?

I have decided that, for now, I would like to keep it general and see where it goes.  Will the blog take on a life of it’s own over time?  I hope so.

I have settled on He Reigns!  for the site title and “Inspiration for living” as the tag line.  That seems general enough.  He Reigns! covers the books, stay at home parenting, ministry & my christian walk as does “Inspiration for living”.   How do you like the logo my son designed for me?


A great place for you, my reader, to start, is my bio.  That will just give you some of the basics about me and jump start us into this thrilling galaxy of blogoshpere.

Continuing on from my bio, I am currently waiting (rather impatiently…) for a release date for book #2, Forever Settled in my Heart.  It went in to the publisher for a final round of edits just a couple of weeks ago and I hope to receive a final content approval any day now to sign off on the final product.  After that we will get our summer release date (fingers crossed).

I am still and always married to Larry.  We have been married for 32, more wonderful than not, years!  We currently have 5 children living at home.  Ellen 26, who works for a produce distribution company, Timothy 26 (not twins-Timothy is 4 days older than Ellen & adopted), who needs to get his drivers license this summer so he can get a job and possibly go to college.  Jordan 20, who is home from collage for the summer, and two foster boys aged 9 & 10, very cute and adorable, but difficult.

AND…, we have new grandson!  Daniel Mark, is 4 months old and sitting already.  This makes 8 grand-kids for us.  They truly are gifts from God.  In order we have Mike 15, Chloe 15, Brin 14, Eddy 12, Hannah 10, Zach 5, Layla 2 and baby Daniel.  Each one so special to us in their own way.

It’s complicated is the best way to describe my current ministry status.  On the back of my 1st book, Reins of Love, it says that I am a former Children’s Pastor, and that is true.  I was a credentialed minister and Children’s Pastor with the Assemblies of God.  My credentials however have lapsed for reasons beyond my control and I was out of Children’s Ministry for over 2 (or was that 3…) years, due to changing churches.  Now that the dust has cleared, I am currently the Children’s Director at my present church and in the process of renewing my credentials.

After all that, I tend to be very passionate and, well… opinionated.  I have a lot to say on a lot of topics.  Since this will be a general blog for the time being, we will visit a few of those topics.  I will try to keep in mind that my mom taught me to be very careful what I write, as what you write sticks around a lot longer than what you say, so make sure it is kind!  I will also be posting excerpts from my books from time to time and hopefully in the future, interviewing other authors and reviewing their books!

If you have made it this far, there is one more thing.  I would like to blog for kids too.  While many parents do not let their kids just roam the internet, thankfully.  I know that some of you allow your kids to go to parent approved sites.  I want this to be one of those sites.  You can check out my first kid post: Superhero games!  A blog for summer fun! http://lauriesalisbury.com/superhero-games-a-blog-for-summer-fun/

Okay, now we can get on to talking about life as it happens.  I would love to hear from you!  Please, post your comments, thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.  Thanks for coming along on this journey.

Until next time, #HeReigns!

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