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Would you like a sneak peek at Forever Settled in my Heart?! I know how excited I am! I am excited to get the word of God into the hearts of our children in a fun way that relates to them.

First, an introduction. Forever Settled in my Heart is book two in the He Reigns series. Each book in the series can easily stand alone. They are not continuations of Reins of Love, but rather new adventures in the same place. In books three through eight those adventures are with the same people. We met twins Beth and Ben in Reins of Love. Now, in Forever Settled in my Heart, we meet Willie and Sarah.

As with Reins of Love, Forever Settled in my Heart was originally written for Vacation Bible School. Can I digress for just a moment to say that I had two lovely young visitors this past weekend who had attended those camps. They shared how it had impacted their lives and that they did not think it would be possible to find a better program anywhere! My head swelled just a teansy bit.

But back to our sneak peek. Forever Settled in my Heart has five chapters and a focus verse for each chapter. The theme for the book, as the title says, is that we forever settle to Word of God in our hearts. In fact the whole He Reigns series has a heart theme. (I love the heart on the cover above!) I want God’s word so firmly ingrained in my heart and the hearts of our children that it would be impossible to remove.

Our main characters Willie and Sarah are 9 and 10 years old, respectively. Sarah being the same age as Beth and Ben, Willie being just one year younger. Willie loves the out doors! He is outgoing and fun to be around. He is also very smart and quick to understand (though not always so quick to put into practice). Sarah is his opposite in so many ways. She is quiet, shy and timid. She prefers quiet and indoor activities and she is quick to obey.

Our horses in FSIMH are Nellie and Black Bart (or Bart as he is more affectionately known). Nellie the mare is mama to Bart. Both are beautiful, shiny and black. Nellie has a small white star on her face, but Bart is entirely black. Here is a picture of my inspiration horses:

Nellie and Bart


Finally, I would like to share a small sample of Forever Settled. I hope you enjoy! Please, feel free to leave any comments, questions or thoughts below!




“Well, it looks to me like you have a choice
to make,” Grandma said, putting her hand
on Willie’s knee. “You know the Bible says in
Proverbs, ‘How much better to get wisdom than
gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!’
You’re putting Nellie before God, and it should
be the other way around. God needs to be first
in your life.”
Willie knew Grandma was right. Everything
had gone better when he was reading his
Bible. Even his riding lessons were not going
as well has they had at first. Nellie just would
not cooperate, and Willie was struggling to
remember everything he had learned.
“Okay, Grandma, I’ll remember to read my
Bible and pray every day,” Willie answered.
“That’s my good boy.” She smiled, and with
that, Grandma left the room.
Willie picked up the trash and took it out to
the road. After breakfast, he worked at his chores.
As he passed by them, Willie could see Nellie
and Bart prancing behind the fence. I could have
my chores done before lunch, he thought. Then
I can get Nellie saddled and ride for a while.
But another thought just kept coming into
his heart, Read the Word and pray first. Willie
knew this was not just his own thought. He
knew that the Holy Spirit was speaking to his
heart. He knew he had an important choice to
make—go read the Bible right now and pray or
go ride Nellie. Willie looked at Nellie; she was
so beautiful, with her black coat shining in the
sunlight. Nellie shook her mane at him and
whinnied a friendly hello.

Until next time, He Reigns!

Pink heartsPink heartsPink hearts

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