How I Survived an MRI

     This whole thing started with a routine check of my hip replacements. I mentioned some soreness and stiffness and we were off to make an MRI appointment. Which was slightly complicated by the fact that I needed an MRI of each hip. They do not do those at the same time. You must [...]

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Author Feature ~ Clinton Couzzins

IT'S FALL! Well, not quite, but the kids are going back to school and I am hearing a lot about pumpkin spice these days. To celebrate the new school year, I would like to do an author feature that is dear to my heart. Clinton Couzzins was the Vice President of his class at Lansing [...]

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He Reigns!

Happy Summer friends!  I have been thinking a lot about you and how I would like to approach our friendship through this blog.  I am an author, so do I want to make this a blog about books?  I am a SAHM, so do I want to make this blog about parenting?  I am a [...]

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The Forgiveness Equalizer

  Imagine this, you have wronged someone, and now you must apologize.  You feel horrible for having wronged someone, and are dreading the humble pie you must now force yourself to consume.  For a moment, you consider hiding it under the rug, but then comes the crushing conviction of the Holy Spirit. Pursue peace with [...]

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