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Well, not quite, but the kids are going back to school and I am hearing a lot about pumpkin spice these days. To celebrate the new school year, I would like to do an author feature that is dear to my heart. Clinton Couzzins was the Vice President of his class at Lansing Central High School in 1933, the Secretary of LCHS in 1934, and the President in 1934 for second semester, then again in 1935 for the first semester. He was the Treasurer in 1935 and a member of the poetry club. He was also my grandpa.
A gruff sort of fellow with a tender poetic side. He lived, he loved, had sorrows and joys. He married his high school sweet heart, my Grandma, Dorothy, on June 14, 1935, right after their graduation, and wrote beautiful poetry about her. He was in fact an amazing poet. I like to think that any talent I may have for writing, I get from him.
And so, in celebration of the new year of school, I give you, “Tired” circa 1934.


I’m kinda sorta lazy
When there’s lots a work to do
But after someone’s done it
I perk up right smart, don’t you?

I’d rather read a story
When I’ve got algebra to do,
But when they pass the marks out,
I expect an A, don’t you?

I’m sure I hate the Latin
My teacher says to do
but when I barely pass
I think it’s simple stuff, don’t you?

I know I’m kinda lazy
In all the things I do,
But I think perhaps tomorrow
I’ll begin again, won’t you?

Central High School

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